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Tom Reed Recovering in Washington Hospital

Reed Was Short of Breath

Congressman-elect Tom Reed’s political director Tim Kolpien says that Tom Reed is now resting comfortably in a Washington area hospital after becoming ill Sunday night.  Kolpien says that Reed’s wife Jean called for help after Tom awoke in the middle of the night feeling ill and short of breath.   Reed was taken to a nearby hospital from the L’Enfant Plaza Hotel, where he is staying while undergoing the congressional orientation for freshman members of Congress.

According to the political director, Reed has been diagnosed with some blood clotting in his lungs and is receiving the appropriate treatment.

Tom Reed, who is said to have no prior history blood clots, is in good condition and resting comfortably.  Reed hopes to be released from the hospital in the next day or two to be officially sworn-in to represent the constituents of New York’s 29th Congressional District.

Tom and Jean thank everyone for their kind thoughts and get well wishes.  “I’m feeling good and looking forward to getting to work,” Reed said.

Buerkle increases lead in 25th District vote count

Twenty-fifth District congressional candidate Ann Marie Buerkle picked up 59 votes Friday from absentee ballots in Cayuga County, slightly increasing her lead over incumbent Democrat Dan Maffei, who got 35.

But in what could be a sign of a long road ahead, another 35 of the county’s 129 absentees were challenged by the campaigns and will not be counted, unless a judge rules otherwise.

A Cayuga County elections official said he had no breakdown of how many ballots each campaign challenged or what their reasons were.

Buerkle and Maffei still must await absentee tallies from Monroe, Wayne and Onondaga counties to find out who won the election. Monroe County began counting its 1,296 absentees Friday. Wayne County, with 1,285, and Onondaga County, with 6,030, planned to start their counts this week.

Going into Friday, Buerkle had a 687-vote lead. The results from Cayuga County widened it to 711, but they also offered what could be a slight silver lining for Maffei.

In Election Day voting, Buerkle captured 64.5-percent of the vote in Cayuga County. But she received 62.7 percent of the 94 absentees that were counted.

In Cayuga County, that percentage shift amounts to one or two votes, depending on whether you round up or down. But if Buerkle’s percentages drop in the other counties that she won �” counties with far more absentee ballots �” Maffei could benefit more measurably.

On Election Night, Buerkle won Monroe, Wayne and Cayuga counties, while Maffei led in Onondaga. He has been counting on Onondaga’s absentees to make up the deficit, but he might need to beat his Election Day percentages there to win.

If the 6,030 Onondaga absentees break down the same way as the Election Day votes, Maffei would garner 3,232 to Buerkle’s 2,798.

That’s a net gain of 434 votes for Maffei �” not enough to erase Buerkle’s lead if her percentages hold up elsewhere.

The counties also are dealing with affidavit ballots cast on Election Day, and military and overseas ballots that can arrive until Nov. 24.