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A Close Race Between Slaughter and Brooks

In the 25th Congressional District longtime incumbent Democrat Louise Slaughter faces a challenge from Republican Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks.

Louise Slaughter was out voting early in her home town of Fairport. Slaughter’s district used to stretch into suburban Buffalo but the new 25th District is now housed entirely within Monroe County.
This campaign has been tough and at times, negative.

Slaughter has been in Congress for 12 terms. She hammered Maggie Brooks, trying to tie her to a number of corruption scandals during her three terms as Monroe County executive.

Republican Brooks cast her ballot in Webster this morning with her husband and daughter. She said she had stayed focused and has held people accountable. Brooks has blasted Slaughter for her campaign tactics.
Now it’s wait and see for both on this election day.

“Well I never count the votes until the count it after nine o’clock. So we’ll see how it goes. Let me tell you, in 1986 when I first ran for Congress, 1,000 people took election day off to get the word out. We don’t have that many people taking a day off, but we’ve had thousands of people volunteering for over two months,” said Slaughter. “It’s really been an incredible turn out. If we win it’s because of what the campaign and the volunteers did.”

“I think both of us did what we needed to do to show contrast. This is an important race. For the first time since 1996, Monroe County voters have a choice in this district. It’s an important election so we didn’t want to leave anything on the table. We wanted to make sure at the end of the day that people knew two very different women vying for this position and two different records of accomplishment and two different visions for how to go forward,” said Brooks.

Brooks said she’s planning to spend the rest of the day with her family, planning a quite dinner later tonight before heading downtown.

Slaughter is still out and about and will be spending some time with her campaign team in Greece.


O’Brien and Hanna Vie for Senate Seat

It’s a newly drawn district that includes the eastern portion of Monroe County and the western portion of Ontario County.
Republican Senator Jim Alesi is retiring after holding the seat in the 55th District since 1996. This has been an open race that has pitted two well known names against each other.

Ted O’Brien, the minority leader of the Monroe County Legislature cast his vote early this morning in his hometown of Irondequoit. O’Brien said it’s now up the voters to decide who they want in Albany.
“It was a long difficult campaign but the fact of the matter is we’ve arrived here today. People are really coming out to the polls, celebrating democracy and their opportunity to vote, so that’s the important thing at the end of the day,” said O’Brien.

O’Brien’s Republican challenger, Sean Hanna is no stranger to politics. Hanna is in his first term in the 130th Assembly seat. He was a former Monroe County lawmaker and regional director for the state Department of Environmental Conservation.
Both men are hoping to head to Albany.

As far as how the candidates plan to spend the rest of the day, Ted O’Brien said he would be hitting some more neighborhoods, going door-to-door until the polls closed tonight. As for Sean Hanna, his plans include working with his campaign folks to get out the vote and maybe sneaking in some rest and relaxation with family.


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Sample ballots for Tuesday’s elections

Wendy Long tells of poll chicanery

Republican U.S. Senate hopeful Wendy Long is raising a red flag about her voting experience, saying poll workers suggested she fill in a straight Democratic ticket on her paper ballot.

Long, an attorney, voted this morning in Manhattan at the Carver Houses on upper Madison Avenue. She sent out the below account of her experience. Meanwhile, her opponent, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, voted in Brunswick without issue.

I’m told that the senator, who polls show is favored to beat Long handily, stopped at the Country View Diner in Brunswick before casting her ballot. The eatery is a pre-election tradition for Gillibrand, who has stopped there for a rally every year since she ousted Republican Rep. John Sweeney in 2006. (This year, the rally was twice canceled due to the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy.)

Here’s Long’s account:

“This morning when I went to vote, a poll worker who was at the scanner, studied my private ballot and proceeded to tell me that it was rejected because I did not ‘fill in every space.’ She then proceeded to indicate that I should mark the Democratic line all the way down.

The poll worker said, ‘you have to fill in all of THESE, all the way down,” indicating the whole line at the far left of the ballot, saying ‘you can’t leave any blank.’”

I said, “I’m sorry, but that just can’t be the case …. that would force me to vote for people I don’t want to vote for.” She insisted again, that every office had to be filled out or the ballot would be rejected. And I said again “I don’t want to vote for those people!”

I protested again and said that I wanted to feed my ballot into the scanner as I had filled it out. She eventually relented saying ‘well you can TRY it’ — meaning she would allow me to put it in the scanner.

It obviously worked.

I had just remarked to all the poll workers, before I filled in my ballot, that we were all very fortunate to have heat and water and electricity.

It is heartbreaking, especially in these trying times for New York City with thousands of voters displaced from their homes and their polling locations, that poll workers would behave in this way, and through intent or ignorance, work to distort the outcome of an election and violate an individual’s right to vote for whomever he or she chooses.

I urge all voters to know your rights when you vote.

You can ask for help in how to operate the scanner, but your ballot is private and cannot and should not be nspected.

You do not have to vote in every office, or fill in every oval. Vote only for the candidates whom YOU want to vote for.

Finally, question authority – poll workers are there to help you to vote, not to tell you how vote. If one crosses the line, contact the Attorney General’s Office or your local Board of Elections.”


Mark Dankof’s America

Nov 7th is The Day After: Mark Dankof’s America on The Election and What it Means and Doesn’t Mean

Mark Dankof : Love Him or Hate Him, He’s All Yours on November 7th!!!!

Mark Dankof’s America is joined on Wednesday, November 7th, by Mark Glenn and the entire gang at The Ugly Truth to discuss the results of the American Presidential Election at least as known 24 hours later. Join us for what you won’t hear on Establishment Corporate Media (ECM) radio!!!!

Warning to Michael Moore: We’re going to “Cock-Punch” both Romney and Obama, and all those frontal lobotomy patients who voted for either of them. . . .

Live air time is 1 pm Pacific/3 pm Central/4 pm Eastern/9 pm UTC [+6].

Tomorrow’s news today: Get your post-election spin right here (with VIDEO)

Tomorrow, the polls will open and voters will choose the next president of the United States. Political junkies are staying close to their TVs and Twitter feeds for any updates.

But, really, who needs to wait until tomorrow night to get the post-election spin?

In our 24/7 media world, political operatives already are preparing their excuses for losing or reasons for winning. Howard Kurtz, the anchor of CNN’s Reliable Sources cheekily calls this the “new trend in journalism: analyzing a big event before it happens.”

In a video posted to the Daily Download, Kurtz predicts how reporters will analyze the results of the election.

“In the old days, let’s say 2008, you’d wait to see who won and who lost, and then you would analyze and pontificate,” Kurtz said. “But now, we get to do it in advance.”

Rather than predict who will win or lose the election and why, Kurtz hypothesizes what will be said in the aftermath.

If Mitt Romney loses, Kurtz said experts will say Hurricane Sandy halted his momentum and gave Obama a chance to shine during the recovery efforts. What’s more, Romney is an “awkward candidate” who is “not conservative enough” and “keeps changing his mind.”

On the other hand, Kurtz predicts an Obama loss will be attributed to his lackluster first debate and a vague and uninspired second term agenda.

“He barely showed up, he wasn’t engaged, he was sleepwalking,” Kurtz said. “If he had come out strong in that debate, the whole narrative of the campaign would have been changed.”

Conservative super PACs may also play a role in the dialogue, overwhelming the incumbent with a financial disadvantage he didn’t face the last time around.

Kurtz even brings up another favorite and inflammatory topic of why people might vote for the president: “I’m sure some people might look at the percentage of white vote that Obama gets and say there were racial voting patterns as well, although that did not stop him from winning in 2008.”

The Daily Download is a project by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation to help news consumers and professionals determine the effectiveness and credibility of digital news media.

“There has been a manic-depressive quality to reporting on the race, as the conventional wisdom has changed shape like an overactive amoeba,” Kurtz wrote in an CNN blog.

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Sheriff Joel Ordway: Who Is Doing Write-In’s For Me?

Steuben County Sheriff Joel Ordway says he does not know who is behind the write-in campaign, to get him re-elected as sheriff (even though Ordway announced back in January of this year, that he is not seeking re-election.

Dave Cole (R, Cohocton) is otherwise unopposed in the race for Steuben County Sheriff.